By Booze Cruise Buddy

Welcome to SmuggsJugs.com! We are your one stop smuggling shop. Though our SmuggsJugs flasks and bottles have many uses, here are a few ideas.

Cruises- Our flasks and Faux bottles are the perfect way to smuggle or sneak your favorite alcohol onto your next cruise. Save hundreds of dollars on your next cruise by "Bringing your own Booze". Our undectable flask jugs fit perfect in your suitcase and are leakproof. We do recommend that you fill your bags to only 60%, remove all excess air and always seal in additional ziplock bag. After you get your Flask Jugs onboard, always keep them out of sight of the cruise staff. Our staff at Smuggsjugs have smuggled onto over 50+ cruises with both our bottle and flask jug options and had 100% success. If you are using our faux bottles to sneak your cocktail of choice onboard, always seal with your protective seals. While your bags are being scanned, security is not reading the label through the X-ray. The labels are made to look like Shampoo and Conditioner. The bottle option is convenient for onboard pouring and mixing as well. BON VOYAGE!  


Travel- SmuggsJugs flasks and bottles are also acceptable to include in your CHECKED LUGGAGE if you are flying to your cruise or any other travel destination. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT YOUR SMUGGSJUGS IN YOUR CARRY ON LUGGAGE. Our flask bags and bottles are perfectly safe in your checked luggage. When you arrive at your destination....Cheers! No more pricey hotel drinks....You are ready to go! 


Bar Hopping/Concerts/Sporting Events- Our SmuggsJugs pocket flasks fit perfect in your pocket(or purse) and are an exciting addition to any Sporting Event, Concert, Street Fair and even when you are Bar Hopping.  The pocket flask is disposable and have a convenient spout for easy pouring.

Smuggs Biker Bags and Saddle Bag Storage- SmuggsJugs Flasks allow you to store your drink of choice in your motorcycle saddle bags allowing space for all your motorcycle gear. Whether you are driving around town or taking a long trip, our flask bags fit snug against the side of your saddlebag, will not roll around and wont leak. Bring a large bag of water for your long ride or "spirits" for your stops! Dont forget your pocket flasks when you get to your destination