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Smuggs Jugs 50 SPF and 30 SPF Sunscreen Flasks are professionally designed to be the “Real Thing” Each flask will carry 8 ounces of your favorite beverage hidden as Sunscreen. The flasks are durable, washable, FDA Food Grade and will last for years. Wide mouth opening makes the flask easy to fill and easy to clean. You will save a ton of money because they are perfect for sneaking alcohol to the pool, sporting events, cruise ships and street fairs. Each kit includes: Two flasks, 8 “Safe Seals” and instructions. The seals are for an extra layer of security against the pleasure police. Refills seals are available on Amazon as: Smuggs Jugs #4209. See the rest of our sneaky products at our Amazon store and view our instructional videos on YouTube Be A Pirate! Be a Rum Runner!

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