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#4223 Disguised Smuggs Jugs Four Bottle Two Tube Flask Kit(4-16oz 2-8oz) Smuggle Alcohol Cruise Be A Rum Runner


Smuggs Jugs 4 bottle 2 tube smuggle kit


Each bottle and tube are FDA approved, food grade and durable for years of reliable use. Included are: Four 16oz bottles, Two 8oz sunscreen tubes, 12 Smuggs Jugs “Safe-Seals”. Also included is our “Pack For Success” brochure which shows you how to install the seals and pack the products in luggage. 12 self-adhering “Safe-Seals” keep the pleasure police out of your stuff, should they get nosey!

  • Smuggle your Alcohol!!! Smuggs Jugs Products are for Cruising and Cruising around Town
  • Smuggs Jugs provides┬áthe Best products to Sneak Liquor on a Cruise Ships, into Sporting Events, Bars, Street Fairs and Anywhere!
  • Disguised as Shampoo, Conditioner, Sunscreen, Body Lotion and Sunscreen Tubes with real professional labels, Bottles are FDA food grade, Indistinguishable from the real toiletries and leak-proof .
  • 100% money back guarantee! Our products Cost Less and “Don’t Leak” Like the Competitors.
  • 12 “Safe-Seals” and packing instructions included in each kit.

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Weight 16.1 oz