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Smuggs Jugs Flask 2-Bottle 2-Tube (2-16oz 2-8oz) Smuggle Booze Be a Rum Runner Cuise Pool Concert


Smuggs Jugs 2 bottle 2 tube smuggle kit

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Smuggs Jugs products have smuggled A LOT OF BOOZE on to CRUISES and in to EVENTS! The owners are avid cruisers and have been on over 40 cruises! They started CRUISE RUM RUNNING way back. One day they said to themselves, “We ought to sell these things”, and that’s how Smuggs Jugs started. Our products have been the most successful way to get Booze on a cruise! The bottles and tubes are the right size with the right labels. It just ain’t normal to bring two 32 oz. shampoo bottle on a four day cruise! Follow our “Pack for Success” detailed instructions, included with every order and you will become a successful Rum Runner Too! Bon Voyage!

  • 100% Guaranteed To Get Booze Onboard With Not Leaks OR YOUR MONEY BACK
  • 8 “Safe-Seals” for Extra Security and Our Exclusive “Pack for Success” Instructions Included with Each Kit
  • Save Tons of Money on Your Cruise, Flasks Disguised as Shampoo Conditioner Lotion and Sunscreen
  • Smuggs Jugs Proven Products With Years of Successful Booze Smuggling Thousands of Kits Sold
  • Our flasks are FDA Food Grade, BPA Free

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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